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Commercial & Residential Landscaping Services

Landscape Management Group has over a decade of expertise to manage all of your commercial landscape, snow, and hardscapes construction needs as well as large residential landscape design/build projects. We work with you to build a successful business relationship and make sure you get the most out of our services. Communication and involvement are key, so feel free to let us know how we can accommodate your needs.

Residential Landscaping

Create professional landscapes utilizing softscapes, hardscapes, custom outdoor structures, patios & beautiful landscape lighting.

Residential Landscaping

Expert Coordination

We coordinate dozens of expert operators, real craftsmen, bringing together the best of the best so that every landscape project comes together flawlessly. We take the stress off of you so you can sit back and relax while your dream project comes to life.









Fire Pits

Pool Installation


Floral Design

Outdoor Electric

Patio Furniture

Commercial landscaping includes new construction, commercial maintenance, and floral design & installation.

Commercial Landscaping

Commercial snow services includes GEO Fencing Snow Removal services, lot salting and walkway snow blowing.

Commercial Winter Services
What is Landscape Management Group?2022-07-18T19:20:36-04:00

Landscape Management Group – we are your general contractor specifically for landscaping construction and landscaping maintenance for commercial and residential services.  LMG is your advocate for professional landscaping services.

What is Landscape Management?2022-07-18T19:20:26-04:00

Landscaping Management Group has a network of expert craftsmen that we work with.  We manage each account and make sure that the client’s expectations are being met every step of the way. LMG has extensive experience in the landscaping industry.

How do we Manage Your Project?2022-07-26T18:38:42-04:00

Landscape Management Group is highly skilled at project management.  Clients can expect links to real-time timelines including project deadlines.  We work with a shared file system so that everyone involved in the project has the most current information at the job site. The process is automated and simple so there is no room for confusion.

What is Landscaping?2022-07-18T19:20:31-04:00

Landscaping includes much more than mowing and mulching.  It can be your dream backyard with an outdoor pavilion, patio, shade trees, lighting, drainages and electrical outlets; a complete atmosphere.  Everyone that works for us is an expert in what they do.

Who are our Expert Operators?2022-07-24T17:34:17-04:00

LMG takes subcontracting to the next level by using only experts in the landscaping industry.  We have a network of screened craftsmen that we work with every day.  This gives us complete control over who does what, making sure your project gets done correctly and on time.

How do you Screen your Operators?2022-07-27T14:44:58-04:00

Landscape Management Group screens our expert operators by simply using them on projects. We know first hand their strengths and weaknesses and we take on the risk for our clients.

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