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Retaining Wall Landscaping Ideas

Whether for stylish definition or supporting heavy loads, a well-designed retaining wall can add style to your outdoor environment. A garden wall can make the most of your space, providing structural support for soils, preventing erosion, and increasing the usable area of sloped terrain. With various choices in stone, brick, and decor such as accent bands and coping styles, a retaining wall can also be a great choice to accent your spaces. Landscape Management Group can help you utilize walls in a multitude of ways, whether facing structural terrain challenges or adding style and continuity to your outdoor look and feel.

Outdoor Seating Walls retaining walls landscaping in ohio
Walls For Outdoor Kitchens retaining walls
Decorative Walls For Outdoor Seating retaining walls landscaping in ohio
Outdoor Landscape Wall landscaping in ohio
Retaining Walls Ideas in ohio
Decorative Walls retaining walls in ohio

1. Landscape Wall Function

What purpose does your landscape wall serve?

Retaining walls can help solve some of the biggest challenges when working with uneven terrain, but they can also provide a plethora of design opportunities such as defining spaces, accenting structures, and creating unique planting areas. For form or function, a well-designed garden wall is a powerful addition to any outdoor space.

  • Steps

  • Retain a Hillside
  • Wall Seating
  • Walls along Steps
  • Frame Columns
  • Elevate Your Patio
  • Frame an Outdoor Kitchen
  • Create a Fire pit or Fireplace
  • Elevated Flower Bed

Retaining Walls in ohio

Retaining Walls

First consider if your wall is on a hill and will be acting as a ‘retaining wall’. Retaining walls hold back soil from a sloped area, preventing erosion and can even help with water flow. Retaining walls can add depth to your overall landscape design.

Steps retaining walls


Stone steps are a great way to enhance the look of your home. Steps can be made from concrete or natural stone slabs and laid in straight or curved configurations to add a stylish element.

Decorative Landscaping Walls With Flowers retaining walls

Decorative Walls

With aesthetic choices in material, such as brick or stone, a decorative landscape wall can be used to define the separation of spaces, or to create a multi-layered feel for planting areas.

Outdoor Seating Wall retaining walls in ohio

Walls for Outdoor Seating

Cozy and timeless, a seating wall creates built-in comfort that is reliable and ever-lasting. A beautiful addition to the functionality of your outdoor space.

Landscape Walls Outdoor Kitchen Grill

Frame an Outdoor Kitchen

Retaining walls can be built to frame your grill and define an outdoor kitchen area. Create a stunning space that carries your outdoor aesthetic throughout.

Landscaping Walls Around Pillars retaining walls in ohio

Walls for Pillars

Adding matching walls to your standing pillars can add depth and consistency to your outdoor theme. Accent bands and beautiful coping can turn a pillar into a beautiful design element.

Landscaping Wall Fire Pit retaining walls

Walls around Fire Pits

The fire pit is often your centerpiece feature and a stylish wall design can provide both style and safety. Our professionals can help you accent your fire pit with garden wall decor that fits your space and creates a lasting impression.

Decorative Walls retaining walls in ohio

Straight or Curved Walls?

Choose between a straight or curved wall that best suits the look and feel of your space. Our experts can help you make the right decision, as the type of blocks that can be used is defined by whether your wall is straight or curved.

3D Design Studio

We provide full-color 3D and 2D digital renderings so you can see vividly what your retaining wall or garden wall decor will look like before we even get started.

Landscaping Wall retaining walls in ohio
Landscaping Retaining Wall With Flowers retaining walls in ohio
Landscaping Seating Wall Around Outdoor Firepit retaining walls in ohio

2.  Landscape Wall Block

Choose your Landscape Wall Block Style

Weathered and natural, or modern and precise, there are endless options when it comes to your garden wall stone style. Carefully consider the feel that you want your outdoor oasis to have, and incorporate your design elements throughout. Landscape Management Group’s experts can carefully guide you through the considerations necessary to create decorative or retaining walls to enhanse your ourdoor space, accent your style, and withstand the test of time.

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What is Coping?

Coping is a covering on top of a wall using stone, bricks, terracotta, or concrete. Coping is typically rounded and weathered to protect the wall from rain and bad weather. Coping can also act as a decorative element or provide more comfortable seating. Landscape Management Group’s coping options include Bullnose Coping, Rosetta Coping, Indiana Limestone as well as, many other material selections that are available upon request.  The following are some of our most popular options.

Bullnose Coping retaining walls

Landscape Management Group’s coping options include Bullnose Coping, which is rounded and popular because it is nice to sit on.  Bullnose is considered universal coping which means it can be used with most wall blocks. Bullnose pavers give added dimension to any wall, step or patio application when an overhang is desired. The bullnose edge provides a smooth rounded edge that creates a slight shadow line that is the finishing detail in many applications.

Rosetta Dimensional Coping retaining walls

Rosetta Coping is considered dimensional coping which looks more natural using larger stacked stones with a rougher stone texture.

Indiana Limestone Coping retaining walls

 Indiana Limestone natural stone and concrete caps add a finishing touch to your wall or pillar project.

Indiana Limestone Gray
Color ranges from gray to light gray. Only available with sawn top and bottom and machine-cut edges.
Sizes: 24″ x 24″ and 30″ x 30″
Thickness: 2.25″

Full-color blend of buff to dark gray
Sizes: (12″. x 47 5/8″ x 2.25″) and (14″ x 47 5/8″ x 2.25″)
Thickness: 2.25″

3. Additional Considerations

Compliment your Retaining Wall with a Complete Backyard Oasis

Well-designed retaining walls, whether structural or aesthetic, are an important feature of your outdoor space, working hand-in-hand with your other key structures. A truly stunning patio landscape design incorporates several elements to make the most of your space. Whether a private getaway or a social gathering spot, Landscape Management Group can help you choose the right structures and designs to bring the outdoor oasis you envision, to life.

Landscaping retaining walls


Pergola walkout basement


Pavilion walkout basement


Outdoor Kitchens residential landscaping


Outdoor Fireplaces retaining walls

Fire Features

Decking walkout basement


Ourdoor Furniture landscape management

Patio Furniture

Hardscaping walkout basement


Match your wall pavers to your walkways for a complimentary design that carrier your theme through the space.

Landscape Patio landscape management


Durable, visually stunning natural stone and concrete pavers for a professionally installed patio.

Landscape Lighting walkout basement

Landscape Lighting

Add elegance and stunning nighttime appeal with high efficiency industry leading LED lighting systems.

Landscaping Stairs And Steps patio landscaping in ohio

Stairs & Steps

Build your picture-perfect space with stairs and steps that provide not only function, but that add to the beauty of the design.

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