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3D Landscape Design

High Resolution Images & 4K Videos

Experience the power of visualization with our 3D landscape design services and embark on a journey to create the outdoor oasis of your dreams. With our 3D landscape design, you can explore different layouts, materials, and plant selections, making informed decisions that align with your aesthetic and practical needs. Using cutting-edge technology, we bring your vision to life with stunning 3D photos and video that allow you to visualize every detail before a single stone is laid or plant is placed.

Our Design Process

1. Virtual Consultation

Our design process begins with a thorough virtual consultation, where we listen attentively to your ideas, preferences, and requirements for your ideal outdoor living space. We then provide our expertise and ideas by showing you examples of similar projects and creative ideas that would work well within your vision. This lays the foundation for a productive design process.

2. Property Survey & Measurements

Laser Property Measurements landscape management services

An LMG Project Manager will measure your property and survey your land to generate an accurate digital rendition.  This data is used to create a complete 3D model of your home and property grade, down to the last detail. Accurate measurements are key to assuring our designs will work in your space. This is important to prevent potential costly surprises during the project phase.

Laser Measured Elevations

Precise laser measurements are used for properties with hills as they require more complex grade measurements.  This is included in our Plus & Premium Design Packages.

3. Design Preview & Revisions

The LMG Design team then takes all of your ideas & measurements collected during your initial consultation to craft a personalized design of your project.  We combine your input with our expertise to reflect your unique style and enhance the natural features of your property. During this one-hour virtual design preview, you’ll be able to make your 1st set of revisions in real-time to see your exact vision come to life. The number of additional revision meetings allowed depends on the design package you select.

All Design Packages Include

  • Design costs are credited towards your project

  • Email communication with designer throughout process
  • Required drawing submitted to Building Department &/or HOAs


What is a Design Phase?2024-07-01T16:52:03-04:00

For those looking to transform your landscape in phases, LMG will create a grand plan with a complete design, then build out different areas in separate phases.

What is the benefit of the “Realtime Revisions” with the designer?2024-07-01T16:28:50-04:00

The Realtime Revisions with your designer holds significant value as it provides the client with the opportunity to promptly communicate revisions and pricing. During this meeting, we can showcase numerous design options accompanied by pricing details, all within the scope of a single revision. This offers abundant possibilities to craft the ideal design while staying within your budget.

Do my existing conditions count as elements?2024-07-01T16:28:34-04:00

The short answer is, yes. Our main goal is to ensure the highest level of accuracy in our designs by considering all aspects of your property, including existing conditions, to achieve maximum precision and coherence.

Does my design fee go towards the cost of my project?2024-07-01T16:28:17-04:00

The design fee is a credit that will be deducted from your total project costs. Essentially, it acts as an initial deposit for your project.

Will Landscape Management Group handle Permitting and HOA’s?2024-07-01T16:27:59-04:00

We’ve got you covered with services to handle all the permit paperwork needed for Homeowners’ Associations (HOAs), building departments, zoning rules, and other local requirements. And yes, we’ll even handle the research on what is required.

Why is it important to have a dedicated project manager during the design?2024-07-01T16:26:54-04:00

Having a dedicated project manager during the design phase is crucial to prevent any details from being lost in translation as your design transitions into operations. A boots-on-the-ground project manager’s experience is often necessary to guarantee that the design remains effective when implemented, as well as to ensure that there are no surprises once the project has broken ground.

Why are our Design Packages so inexpensive?2024-07-01T16:27:05-04:00

We’re confident that after you get a taste of how we do things around here, you’ll be eager to dive into the project with us. We’re taking this chance from the get-go so you can be confident you’re choosing the perfect landscape design team to create your ideal outdoor paradise.

What You’ll Get

All Design Packages come with detailed 2-D Design Plans and precise measurements as well as several high-resolution 3D Design renderings of your project to take with you.  The Premium Package comes with a 4K Video as well as a 360 Panoramic Virtual Reality file (upon request).

2-D Design Plans
D Desing Plans Lmg 3d landscape design
High-Res 3D Renderings
High Resolution D Renderings 3d landscape design
360 Panoramic Virtual Reality
Panoramic Landscape Design 3d landscape design

Design Packages

The design fee acts as a project deposit.


  • 3 Design Elements
  • 1 Revision
  • Single Phase Design
  • Choose Front or Back Yard
  • Standard Measurements
  • 2 HighRes 3D Image & 2D Plan
  • Emailed Plan Set
  • Permit/HOA Submittals
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .


  • 5 Design Elements
  • 2 Revisions
  • Single Phase Design
  • Choose Front or Back Yard
  • Laser Measurements with Grade
  • 4 HighRes 3D Image & 2D Plan
  • Realtime Revisions w/ Designer
  • Permit/HOA Submittals & Management
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .


  • 9 Design Elements
  • 3 Revisions
  • 2 Phase Design
  • Full Property
  • Laser Measurements with Grade
  • 7 HighRes 3D Image & 2D Plan
  • Realtime Revisions w/ Designer
  • Permit/HOA Submittals & Management
  • $50 towards HOA/Permit Fees
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • .
  • .


  • Unlimited Elements
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Up to 5 Phase Design
  • Full Property
  • Laser Measurements with Grade
  • Unlimited 3D Images & 2D Plan
  • Realtime Revisions w/ Designer
  • Permit/HOA Submittals & Management
  • $100 towards HOA/Permit Fees
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • 4K Video Design Walkthrough
  • 360 Panoramic Virtual Reality (upon request)

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