Commercial Snow Removal Services

Landscape Management Group provides four seasons of services, with more than a decade of experience providing the best of the best to our customers. If you need commercial snow plowing, we’re the service provider you want to work with.

Commercial Snow Removal Technology We Offer

The key differences to the snow services at Landscape Management Group are:

  • Timely removal which ensures you’re ready to open for business on schedule + Communication to make sure you are in the loop at all times
  • (These points are elevated with our technology, so it’s easy to see why we are a uniquely qualified service provider). 
  • LMG is the only snow removal company in Columbus, Ohio offering snow removal using geofencing, a concept Smart Bug Media explains in more detail. 
  • This GPS technology in all of our plow trucks allows us to know where our trucks are currently, and when they entered/exited a property.
  • These services are logged as an optional email sent, so you can match your snow invoice with your service emails for reconciliation–easy as pie.
  • We also are able to keep track of the mechanical health of the vehicle to ensure that our plow trucks have preventative maintenance services done, so many issues are mitigated before they begin.
  • This gives you peace of mind, because you are hiring a company that will remain reliable through the entire winter season.

Commercial Snow Removal Services We Offer

Commercial Snow Plowing Services 

Our team of professional and experienced snow removal specialists can remove the snow from your parking lot, sidewalks, and just about anywhere else.

The key to our services is timely removal that ensures you’re ready to open your doors on schedule, along with our great customer service. Don’t let the winter weather slow your business down. 

Salting and De-Icing 

Keeping your commercial property safe for customers and employees is crucial. Ice and snow will create dangerous conditions that can make it difficult for employees and customers to walk and drive safely. Our equipment and trained staff will properly salt your parking lot and walkways to make sure the area is safe for everyone. 

Our environmentally-friendly de-icer is safe for plants and surfaces, and effective at melting ice and snow.

Still Not Convinced Why Advanced Commercial Snow and Ice Management is Important?

Having the best commercial snow removal contractors is important for two main reasons:


Safety is the primary reason that most business owners think about when they consider snow plowing. Snow and ice create dangerous conditions for both employees and customers whether they’re walking or driving. When snow and ice are cleared properly, it can help your business prevent accidents and injuries, which can lead to all kinds of headaches.


In addition to safety, commercial snow and ice management is also important for accessibility. If your sidewalks and parking lot are not properly cleared, it can become difficult for people to access the property. When people drive up to your facility and see it’s snowed in or inaccessible, they might turn away and end up at a competitor-or just leave frustrated.

At Landscape Management Group, we pride ourselves on our account managers and dispatchers. They are in 24/7 communication with clients through storms-so any and all of your snow operation questions are responded to in a timely manner. From start to finish, we have the experience, equipment, and technology to get the job done.”