Commercial Snow & Ice Management
Snow Removal Services

At Landscape Management Group, we prepare year-round to deliver your facilities the finest snow and ice management services. Our comprehensive strategy involves rigorous preseason training in all snow markets, thorough facility site inspections to meticulously plan for snow events, a dedicated on-the-ground field team to monitor progress in real-time, and well-defined contingency plans to swiftly adapt during heavy storms.

Reliable Snow Removal Service

The key to our services is timely removal that ensures your facilities are ready to open your doors on schedule, along with our great customer service. Don’t let the winter weather slow your business down.

Commercial Facilities Snow Removal Services

Keeping your commercial property safe for customers and employees is crucial. Ice and snow will create dangerous conditions that can make it difficult for employees and customers to walk and drive safely. Our equipment and trained staff will properly salt your parking lot and walkways to assure the area is safe for everyone.

At Landscape Management Group, we pride ourselves on our account managers and dispatchers. We are in 24/7 communication with clients throughout storms so you get the communication you need in a timely manner.

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What separates LMG from the competition?

  • LMG has established partnerships with weather monitoring services

  • LMG prioritizes technology and innovations resulting in more efficient and effective snow and ice services

  • LMG uses cutting edge geofencing technology for service accuracy and response time .

Our plow trucks are equipped with GPS technology, which enables us to track their current location and monitor their entry and exit from properties. You have the option to receive these logs via email, making it convenient for you to match your snow invoice with the service emails for reconciliation. Additionally, we can also monitor the mechanical health of our vehicles to ensure timely preventative maintenance, minimizing the chances of any issues arising. This gives you the assurance that you are hiring a reliable company that will remain dependable throughout the entire winter season.

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Commercial Snow Geo Fences commercial landscaping

GPS shows live truck location and entry/exit times.

Optional email notifications make reconciliation easy.

Truck technology keeps track of service schedules, ensuring reliability.

Commercial Snow And Ice Management Services

The Importance of Snow Removal

At our company, we understand that every property is unique. As a top provider of commercial snow removal, we are committed to creating a customized plan that meets your specific needs and enhances the appearance of your property. Our comprehensive range of commercial landscaping services is designed to:

  • Ensure safe outdoor spaces

  • Create an appealing and attractive environment

  • Add value to your property

  • Provide the high-quality experience your visitors, customers, and tenants expect