Wood & Composite Decking Landscaping Ideas

Your backyard deck serves an important function bringing family together or creating a private sanctuary to retreat to. Landscape Management Group can help you create the perfect outdoor environment making sure your patio design, colors and layout are exactly what you need. We’ll help you to understand the benefits of various decking materials including wood decking or composite decking. Choose different colors and deck board layouts for a look that is uniquely your own. No detail is missed with steps, railing and lighting that complement your deck.

1. Deck versus Patio

When should you build a Patio versus a Deck?

Does your backyard contain a hill or change in elevation? If so, building a raised deck is cheaper than building a paver patio because it is more costly to build retaining walls out of brick or stone.  If your backyard is level and the deck will lie flat to the ground, then you’re probably better off building a patio because overall the materials will cost less in this case.

Raised Patio retaining walls

2. Deck Structure

Are you building things on top of your deck?

Depending on the function your outdoor patio will serve, it will be important to make sure your patio is framed out correctly.   There are a lot of factors that go into the spans of the joists, the placement of the footers, and the sizing of the wood itself.  These as well as other factors need to be considered when designing the frame of your patio.

Does your deck need a DrySpace sub structure?

DrySpace doubles your livable outdoor space with an added sub structure. Designed with second-story decks in mind, DrySpace collects and channels moisture from the spaces between boards with a hidden under-deck drainage system.


  • Simple Square Decks

  • Multi-Teared Decks

  • Wrap-Around Decks

  • Curved Decking

Outdoor Decking Framing Layout retaining walls
Dryspace Under Deck decking
Tigerwood Legacy Composite Decking decking
Curved Composite Decking Timbertech decking
Mahogany Multiwidth Vintage Composite Glencoe retaining walls
Timbertech Weathered Teak Decking decking

3. Decking Materials

Benefits of Composite Decking, PVC & Wood

PVC Composite Wood
Longevity 30+ to Lifetime 25+ years 10-15 years
Recycled 60% 85% 0%
Pvc Decking decking

PVC Decking

PVC decking is the longest lasting decking on the market with limited lifetime warranties.  It is the most expensive option and is highly resistant to moisture damage like mold and mildew, and it won’t splinter, crack, warp, peel, or rot. Virtually no maintenance is required.  PVC decking uses UV resistant materials and is made up of approximately 60% recycled material.  It stays cool to the touch, won’t splinter and gets better traction for your bare feet.

Composite Decking retaining walls

Composite Decking

Composite decking is roughly twice the cost of wood decking but lasts much longer.  Made of a mix of high-performance and recycled polymers and reclaimed wood fibers, TimberTech Composite Decking, a higher-rated brand, is made to last and won’t splinter, crack, warp, or peel. The upkeep is very low with UV resistant materials that protect from mold & moisture damage.  Composite decking contains about 85% recycled content.

Treated Wood Decking retaining walls

Wood Decking

Wood decking has a natural look and is made using pressure treated lumber.  It requires regular maintenance using sealers or stain and the overall structure could require upkeep as wood can warp over time.  Typically wood decking lasts roughly 10-15 years but is often half the cost in comparison to composite decking.

Deck Colors & Design

The options are endless when it comes to deck board colors and design layouts.  Decks can use multiple board colors and be laid out both diagonally, horizontally or vertically.  Creative central designs can draw the eye or accents around the perimeter of the deck can be incorporated.

Timbertech Coastline Mahogany Dark Hickory Vintage Collection retaining walls
English Walnut Vintage Decking retaining walls
Decking Designs retaining walls
Decking Colors And Design retaining walls

4. Deck Railing

Vinyl, Composite, Aluminum or Wood

Deck railing comes vinyl, PVC, composite, aluminum or treated wood. The different styles of railing include horizontal, vertical cable railing or even glass railing. Railing can come in different colors to match your decking.

Cable Railing

Deck Cable Railing decking

Vertical Railing

Horizontal Railing For Decks decking

Horizontal Railing

Horizontal Railing decking

Glass Railing

Glass Railing decking

Steps & Railing Lighting

Outdoor Deck Steps And Railing Lighting decking

Add elegance and stunning nighttime appeal with high efficiency industry leading LED lighting systems to your steps and deck railing.

5.  Steps & Skirting

Deck Steps Raisers Skirting Facia retaining wallsDeck Steps Raisers Skirting Facia retaining walls

Steps, Raisers, Facia & Skirting

Customize the look of your deck with different colors for each component.  The steps leading up to your deck along with the raisers (back of each step) can be different colors to add dimension. Steps can be simple or wide and multi-directional to wrap around your entire deck.  In addition, the deck skirting and facia that wraps around the perimeter of your deck can also be customized.

3d Design

We provide full-color 3D and 2D digital renderings to custom design your wood or composite decking.

3d Design

We provide full-color 3D and 2D digital renderings to custom design your wood or composite decking.

Additional Considerations

Compliment your Deck with a Complete Backyard Oasis

A well-designed deck is an important feature of your outdoor space, working hand-in-hand with your other key structures. A truly stunning backyard landscape design incorporates several elements to make the most of your space. Whether a private getaway or a social gathering spot, Landscape Management Group can help you choose the right structures and designs to bring the outdoor oasis you envision, to life.

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