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Patio Landscaping in Ohio

LMG is your go-to choice for all your landscape needs. With decades of combined experience in the Landscape industry, our team has perfected our processes to deliver outstanding results. No matter what your dream is for your patio, our experts and time-tested processes guarantee smooth and successful project execution. Our dedicated project managers and expert designers provide personalized attention, valuing your satisfaction above all else. With our premium services, you’ll get unparalleled designs and a client-focused approach. LMG stands out from the competition with our unique approach to patio landscaping design and walkway construction.

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Patio And Pool Landscaping patio landscaping in ohio
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Patio Landscaping Company patio landscaping in ohio
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1. Patio Layout

Creating Your Perfect Patio Using 3D Design

With endless possibilities for patio shape, color, and pattern, Landscape Management Group offers 3D Design so you get exactly what you are looking for. Our design experts listen to your ideas and preferences, bringing a wealth of knowledge and decades of experience to ensure you get the most out of your dream patio design. Whether you love entertaining, envision a covered oasis or dream of an elegant outdoor kitchen area, our experts ask the right questions to create a space that will withstand the test of time. Your 3D design begins even before measurements are taken, so you can visualize your future paver, patio, or walkway with remarkable clarity. Our designers will work closely with you, refining the details until you are completely satisfied with your future backyard escape.

Things to Consider

How do you plan to use your Patio?

  • Entertaining Guests?
  • Covered or Open?
  • Outdoor Kitchen or Grill?

  • Firepit?
  • Tables & Chairs?
Landscaping Patio Design With Firepit patio landscaping in ohio
Patio Installation Landscape Design patio landscaping in ohio
Curved Walkway Patio Design patio landscaping in ohio
Patio And Walkway Landscape Design patio landscaping in ohio
Patio Installation And Design patio landscaping in ohio
Landscape Patio Design patio landscaping in ohio

2. Patio Pavers

Choose Your Paver Color & Pattern

LMG will help you consider factors such as budget, design preferences, maintenance requirements, and climate conditions when making your choice. Choosing the right type of paver for your outdoor project is essential for achieving the desired look, durability, and functionality. Each kind of paver brings its own unique characteristics to the table.

Concrete pavers are an excellent choice for most homeowners, coming in an endless array of design options, sizes, shapes, and textures. With heavy durability, concrete pavers offer the strongest resistance against vehicular loads and harsh weather, while remaining one of the most affordable options. Concrete pavers with Dura Denz Technology feature increased durability and resistance to chipping, scratching, and fading.

Natural stone pavers bring timeless elegance and character to any outdoor space. Multiple shapes and patterns add an organic upscale aesthetic, while generally more expensive, it is a great investment for natural beauty and long-lasting durability.

Clay brick pavers offer old-world recognizable warmth and charm with high resistance to wear and tear. Porcelain pavers can mimic other finishes and appearances, offering contemporary appeal although at a much higher price point, and often lower durability.

Concrete Pavers with Dura Denz Technology

Classic cobblestone patterns with squares and rectangles, convey the southern charm that make our Lexington pavers a beautiful, simple statement to any outdoor space. Incorporate a 12′ diameter circle to define seating areas or fire pits.

Lexington Pavers patio landscaping

Rugged and textured, the Malibu system is a smaller three-piece system that’s reminiscent of Mosaic tiles with various joint lines that create interesting patterns and visual interest.

Malibu Pavers patio landscaping

Reminiscent of a mountainous region, our Ozark pavers feature earth tone colors blends and a slight slate top texture to add depth of color. This three-piece system gives visual interest to the space with a combination of square units alongside small and large rectangles.

Ozark patio landscaping

Smooth and modern, our Manhattan pavers consist of a three-piece system that mimics the industrial skyline of Manhattan. Either installation pattern accounts for various joints that give way to a smooth, clean appearance.

Manhattan Paver patio landscaping

Smooth and linear, the Newport is a larger scaled system that creates longer, cleaner lines, less joints and a modern appearance.

Newport Paver patio landscaping

A different take on your classic brick shape appearance. Our Plymouth paver size adds contrast to various field pavers. Used primarily as a border paver, our Plymouth can be installed in a multitude of patterns.

Plymouth Paver patio landscaping

Our Jamestown paver offers a heavily-textured paver ideal for bordering and inlays. Perfect for lining sidewalks, outlying entertaining spaces, or creating decorative inlays.

Jamestown Paver patio landscaping

Smooth, large format 12×24 and 24×24 pavers that can be used in conjunction with each other or separate. Great for pathways, gardens and patios where a modern aesthetic is desired. CityStone’s generous chamfers control lippage even in challenging large-format / non-planar installations.

Citystone Xl Paver patio landscaping

Concrete Pavers

Grand Flagstone maintains the attractive texture and scale of large natural flagstone but in a consistent unit thickness only concrete can achieve, making for a comfortable and quality finished installation.

grandflagstone Paver patio landscaping

Mimic an authentic, slate texture using six unique shapes and various stone textures. Perfect choice for walkways and elegant patios that require consistent dimensions and a more formal, sophisticated look.

Dimensional Flagstone Paver patio landscaping

Natural Stone Pavers

Our select-cut travertine offers an upscale appearance that instantly welcomes and defines your space. These multi-shape tiles give you a random pattern that adds visual interest. Border with a contrasting travertine or tumbled paver to add additional dimension to the space. Select-cut travertine is perfect for climates that experience freeze-thaw cycles.

Travertine patio landscaping

Add a sense of class with authentic stone products. Best suited for the most exquisite designs where a random and square cut appearance is desired. Add a clean limestone border that is generally smooth in appearance with occasional raven patches to help complete the design.

Natural Stone patio landscaping

3. Additional Considerations

A Complete Backyard Patio Oasis

Get excited about all of the beautiful and functional features that can complete your outdoor escape. Whether you want to wow your guests with stunning landscaping and dramatic lighting, warm up your family with a cozy fire pit, or lounge on quality patio furniture on a hot day, LMG can help you tick all the boxes. With LMG, your landscape dreams are in capable hands. Our experience, expertise, and client-focused approach make us the ideal choice for turning your backyard into a stunning retreat. Start your journey with us today and let’s bring your vision to life!

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Landscape Lighting

Add elegance and stunning nighttime appeal with high efficiency industry leading LED lighting systems.

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Decorative Walls

Decorative retaining walls can add depth and style to complement your landscaping project.

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Build your picture-perfect space with stairs and steps that provide not only function, but that add to the beauty of the design.

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A few thoughtful considerations about railings in your space can elevate the overall look and feel of the area.

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