Farmhouse Patio

Entertainment-worthy Backyard Pool

The original space was an extremely aged farmhouse patio. There were varying elevations, slopes, and existing steps to consider. The client complained about dirt running onto the patio and then being tracked back into the house. The steps were in bad shape but often used to walk down to the bottom area of their shop. The clients are a little older and need more stable steps with a safer flow. Drainage issues were also prevalent and starting to really damage the building.

The design was structured in such a way to level the space out while maintaining the old farmhouse feel. With this being an older property they wanted to make sure that what we designed matched the aesthetics of the house and other buildings. The project consisted of a few major elements including new landscaping, a new walkway/patio space, a new entryway, and a stair system on either side of their workshop.

Client Testimonial

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Hardscaping walkout basement

Patio & Walkways

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Decorative Walls

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During the excavation phase, we discovered that the concrete porch was a solid concrete chunk. More often it is typically built with gravel as backfill but being solid concrete created a lot more time required for the removal. Once we removed it, we discovered a cistern underneath the concrete slab/porch. We had no choice but to fill it in with base gravel to make the area stable for the new patio that we were installing. Another challenge was the well area. We had to remove old concrete and rebuild a miniature retaining wall around the well. This ended up tying into the step system later on when those were being built.

  • Demo concrete porch & cellar door
  • Backfill cistern
  • Installed drainage system

  • Built steps & wall
  • Ran lighting up through walls
  • Laid patio
  • Railing for steps
  • Installed new cellar doors & mortar
  • Landscaping
  • Detailing
  • Lighting fixture installation


Farm House Patio Before farmhouse patio


Farm House Patio After farmhouse patio