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Our client had an old pavilion that was built improperly, it was severely under his original expectations and we were called into see what we could do to fix it. The pool area had old cracked concrete around the perimeter. The concrete was skinny and there was no room between the house and the pool for pool chairs and it was tight for people walking around the pool. The landscaping was overgrown, aged, and full of weeds.

The deck had some poor cuts in it, but it was a composite materials that was relatively pricey. Since we were rebuilding the deck, we had to obviously match the materials which was an issue due to availability. We called countless suppliers in and beyond Ohio and we ended up driving up to Toledo to pick up the exact materials we needed.

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Our clients were looking for a complete backyard space where they could host large family gatherings. For the pavilion area, we wanted to add bar seating, privacy walls, as well as create a nice transition from the deck to the pool patio.

Due to budget constraints, the client could not demo his old concrete pool patio completely. So, decided to overlay the concrete with new pavers. Before we could overlay the patio, we had to repair the concrete where the pool coping was going to be mortar set so that the pool coping would stick.

One of the revisions we had was a reading nook in the back corner of the yard and then a firepit area in the opposite end of the yard walking down from pavilion area. These, the clients really liked but want to save for a later phase. It was great that they were able to see into the future and image their space transforming even more, as we were undergoing.

The client had a very tight deadline of July 4th for a large party they were trying to have everything completely finished up before the party. We ended up getting 2-3 crews to hustle on the patio phase and finished the project 1 day before the party.


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