Backyard Transformation

Full 360-yard renovation

If you are looking for the perfect entertainment space, in a tight squeeze, this is some of the best inspiration you will find. We completed a very in-depth design phase, where every detail was worked out before and during this project. We couldn’t change the actual size of the yard, but we knew by designing the yard in a certain way, we could make it feel much larger! When entertaining guests, the outdoor area needs to feel comfortable rather than cramped. Each aspect of this project was meticulously planned by LMG’s expert design and project management team. Some of the highlight elements to this project were the kitchen, fireplace, walkways, patio, porch, pergola, natural stone coping and steps, and even a putting green. We integrated these modern design elements into an older home, expanding this very tight space by perfectly blending these features.

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This job had every element in the client’s dream backyard, but it wasn’t easy getting there. With any project, there are always creative challenges to overcome. One of those challenges was negotiating with the neighbor to create 1 single fence, eliminating the wasted space in between the two properties. Doing this allowed us to attain an extra couple of feet, giving us adequate room to fit an amazing fireplace into the patio space. We received the approval to combine the fence lines, but had 1 remaining challenge of rebuilding an 100 year old wall that was falling onto the neighbors property. The beautiful results were well worth the challenge, as solving these problems increased the property value of both homes by maximizing both spaces. Before LMG, this yard had no space to entertain at all. Now, guests can fully enjoy the entire backyard comfortably without feeling cramped. In fact, this yard was so well designed that it, now, comfortably fits over 20 people for large family gatherings.

The custom made fireplace is viewable from the patio, house, and bar area. The natural gas turn-key allows quick lit fires, without ash cleanup–if desired. The kitchen has everything you would want: a grill, burner, a trash can, a sink, and extra storage space in the cabinets underneath. The entire kitchen area is tucked under this modern pergola, with addable curtains for extra privacy if desired. The paver walkway connects the front yard to the backyard patio. The patio transitions with a walkway splitting down the middle of the grassy backyard area leaving enough room for kids to play or a neighborly game of cornhole.

The landscaping and putting green added a nature aspect to the project which added color, fun, and eye-catching details. Everything was completed with landscape lighting, which was set up all around the house to highlight everything night and day. Whatever angle (or time of day) you look at this project from, you are sure to be inspired and impressed. Our favorite project of 2023, we hope you add some or all of these features to your project!

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