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Are We Delusional Or Can We Back Up Our Claims Of Striving To Be The Best?

People often go to their search engine for the “Best Landscaping Company Near Me” or in this case “The Best Landscape Design Company in Central Ohio.”

Why the best though?

They search for “the best landscapers” because if they are going to invest their hard earned money in a dream project-they need the security that their project is in the right hands-and that their vision will be brought to life.

Landscape garden

Whether it’s a paver patio, a backyard pergola, an outdoor kitchen with a grill or even a seating wall with a big fire pit to wind down on a Friday night with friends, they don’t want to risk connecting with the wrong contractor.

The solution, in their minds, is to search for the best! (Which of course is why you are reading this in the first place). Our team is dedicated to fulfilling the title of “the best landscape design company in Columbus, Ohio” and the surrounding greater Columbus area’s like Circleville, Ashville, Chillicothe and More.

So what makes us the best landscape design building company around?

Well, to put it simply, we “NERD OUT.” Seriously, our team at Landscape Management Group has handled thousands of projects from A to Z and yours will be no different.

Interested to see what the process would look like if you had us bring your ideas to life? Here are the steps for clients like you to get the process started with Landscape Management Group:

Step 1: Introductions

We have a short intro conversation over the phone to understand the bullet points of what you are looking to accomplish. Then, we end that call by scheduling a consultation with one of our landscape design professionals. “Backyard Ideas through a Professionals Eyes”

Step 2: Consultations

During the consultation, we refine the vision while keeping options and your budget in mind. We will provide examples of similar projects-as well as images-to almost everything we discuss. By the end of the consultation, you will not only have a vision but also have a very good idea of what your project budget should be; and most often, we will take the next steps to schedule a 3D Design model preview with one of our Landscape Designers.

“Your Dream Project Design Coming to Life”

Step 3: Proposal

Your rep and your dedicated Landscape Designer present your design with every detail. These meetings are always awesome and always get a wow response!

No need wasting time going back and forth with design revisions. In fact, these designs are all online via video conferencing, we make all the revisions you need right in front of you! Our goal is to not only show you a great perspective of your upcoming project, but make any revisions necessary until we get it right! (Or really, perfect). By the end of this design preview we are ready to present an official proposal. This usually happens the same day!

See “Behind the Curtain of a 3D Landscape Design”

Step 4: We Get Started

You accept and we get you on the schedule (very simply & efficiently!).

This is where your rep brings on your dedicated project manager. Don’t worry, your sales rep (who you love working with by now) will stay linked up to the project every step of the way to ensure no details are forgotten.

Your project is set up on a timeline (that we give you access to view!) including the design, detailed project explanation video, delivery dates and start dates for every part of your project. Pretty cool right?!

From The Original Consultation All The Way To The Finished Project, We Truly Don’t Miss A Beat!

That is why we are the best. You better believe our competitors are trying to catch up on how we do things. We are very proud to be an industry leader!

We think you should just go straight to the sources and check our Reviews on Google, that way you can decide who is really the best around. Contact us soon!

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