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Why is it Important to Have Your Landscape Designed?

When undertaking a large project in your backyard, you may have very grandiose plans with your personal vision.

Only one problem, you have to connect your grand idea with physical project managers and landscapers to bring the project to life!

Like Michelangelo, who needed his chisel and paintbrush to connect his beautiful ideas into physical manifestation, you will likely need a group of professionals who know what they are doing with your design wants and needs.

Today we are going to go over Landscape Management Groups’ design capabilities, and how you know if you are working with a pro in the first place!

Patio & Kitchen Landscaping Design

Getting Everything on the Table

Before getting started on an actual 2D or 3D design, all the details of the project need to be fully understood and laid out. You and your project manager should make sure everything is discussed.

You will know a quality company by their ability to work with you over the long term–not just the end of a current year or project. They will want to help you get your dream backyard, even if it takes time!

Some things you may want to consider when preparing to design your backyard:

  • If there is already a patio (especially a concrete slab) do I want to switch to pavers for the long term? What elevation height do I need to set to assure that my patio steps work with my door heights?
  • If there is a pool in the project, what kind of fencing will I want around that area? Do I want natural stone, pavers, or stamped concrete as a pool deck?
  • If you are building a fence, what kind of materials are going to last and look the way I want?
  • Do you want additional items such as fire, water, or light features? (Especially if you have lots of tall trees that take away sunlight quickly during the evening).
  • Along those lines, do you want to add trees that will mature and add shade over time, or do you just want a quick array of backyard plants?

These questions, and countless other small ones, are critical to your complete satisfaction in the future.

Even if you don’t have tens of thousands of dollars to spend, like we said earlier, you still want to be in the loop for the years and decades to come!

So you have all the details down now…

Getting Down to Business–the Design Itself

So you have all your details ready, and know what you want plus when you want it. Now comes the fun part!

At LMG our project managers take all your measurements and ideas, gather them together, and take any final notes or ideas.

Then, each project manager will upload pictures and measurements, desires and needs to our online systems in your personal account.

These details are taken to our design team, where they are fully implemented and carefully crafted to create your dream design.

However, not all dreams are perfected on the first try…

So, you can schedule a convenient online meeting to make sure all details are correct. We can even make design adjustments on the fly to show you various options at different price points! You could even request a full revision with a new concept based on your budget or aspects of priority.

Our designer team also makes a project book with pictures of plants and materials used in your design (so you know what things will look like in real life – not just on a computer). This gives even more room for feedback and improvements.

After you are satisfied with what you see, and are ready to move forward, you can sign, and the project gets underway!

Project Management and Completion

Your project manager will guide and help with any HOA approvals or necessary permits. Then, he will bring on your assistant project manager to help secure all proper materials and site preparation.

Your project is set up on a timeline (that we give you access to view!) including the design, detailed project explanation video, delivery dates and start dates for every part of your project.

Landscape Project Management landscape management services

The LMG way, simple as tea. A few days or weeks go by (depending on the size of your project) and you can enjoy your new and improved outdoor living space!

See Before

Backyard Patio Pavillion Before

The Design

Backyard Patio Pavillion Design

And After!

Backyard Patio Pavillion After

From Start to Finish, We Get the Job Done!

From the original consultation all the way to the finished project, we truly don’t miss a beat! That is why we strive to be the best. We are very proud to be an industry leader.  We think you should just go straight to the sources and check our Reviews on Google, that way you can decide who is really the best around!  Click here to schedule your professional consultation!