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Is Planting Trees Affordable?

Purple Tree how much does it cost to plant a tree

How much does it cost to plant a tree? Depending on the species, size, and location, the cost of planting trees can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. For larger trees especially, two of the major cost factors include the freight and equipment costs to plant the trees. For this reason, buying more than 1 tree at a time can take the cost per tree down significantly. Planting trees can enhance beauty, provide shade and even bring the value of your home up.

The cost of planting trees with a professional landscaper can range from hundreds to multiple thousands. The cost of planting trees includes:

  • Labor of the landscaper(s)
  • Equipment costs to move and install the tree
  • Cost of materials
  • And freight costs of transporting the tree from the nursery to your home
  • Maintenance

How Much Does it Cost to Plant a Tree?

Planting tree seeds is a cost effective and rewarding way to contribute to reforestation, while enhancing the beauty and diversity of a property’s outdoor spaces. While the upfront cost of planting tree seeds may be low, there are other expenses to consider such as soil preparation, irrigation and ongoing maintenance.

The cost of planting tree seed varies on the type of tree, quantity of seed and method of planting. The cost of planting tree seed can range from a few cents to a few dollars per seed. When planting tree seeds it will take more time for the growth process and require more involvement. Seed planting also can require special soil, sunlight and watering methods. Consulting with a professional landscaper can help determine the best budget and method to go about planting tree seed.

Night Tree how much does it cost to plant a tree

What is the Fastest Growing Tree?

When it comes to improving the look and and feel of a properties landscape, planting fast growing trees is a game changer. These trees can quickly provide much needed shade, privacy and aesthetic appeal to outdoor spaces. If you’re looking to add a fast growing tree to your yard, consider a hybrid-poplar or the weeping willow tree. Hybrid-poplars can grow anywhere from five to eight feet in a year, while reaching up to 50 feet after a few years. This species of tree is very broad and can provide an immense amount of shade during the summer months. Weeping willow trees can grow up to 10 feet tall within a year, while growing up to 40 feet after reaching maturity. If planted near a water source, they can also prevent soil erosion.

Is Planting Trees a Good Investment?

Front Yard Tree how much does it cost to plant a tree

Planting trees is a great investment! Planting trees can add a unique look, aesthetic appeal and bring the value of your property up. According to the Arbor Day Foundation, landscaping, especially with trees can bring a property value up to as much as 20% more.

Trees can provide an immense amount of shade and windbreaks that can contribute to saving energy. The Arbor Day Foundation also states that planting trees on the west side of a home can save up to 3% on the cost of energy bills after 5 years, while savings can be up to 12% after 15 years. Not only do trees benefit the planet, but your wallet as well. (And of course they create a great habitat for outdoor life).

Beyond those benefits, planting trees is a lifelong, beneficial investment to not only your health but the earth as well.

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