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How to Choose a Landscaper

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Searching for a quality landscape designer is like searching for a friend or spouse of a lifetime. There are so many options, but you want the best one in your reach. You need tips on how to find a landscaper, you say?

You may be thinking, “If I am going to spend a lot of money and investment in landscaping my home, I want to make sure it stands the test of time.” And rightly so! There should be nothing casual about the future of your home and its outdoor features. Finding a landscaper with design capabilities is very important.


Looking at the landscaper’s previous work is an effective way to establish credibility. This can be tricky if they don’t have an official portfolio, but simply asking your potential landscaper to take some pictures of their past jobs is a good way around that. By seeing their habits and skills in past work, you can feel comfortable trusting them to do well on your own property.

On another note, if you wouldn’t trust a landscaper to be doing work when kids or pets are home alone, you may want to consider other options. Remember, if you are trusting a “good” landscaper, you want to trust them all the way-100%. No skeletons in the closet while finding your landscaping contractor.


It’s important to trust the landscaper to leave the site looking good. No one wants to pay for work that isn’t satisfactory. Hire someone you don’t know personally – i.e. someone you won’t feel pressured to lie to about how you like their work. If someone you know does the edging in your garden but doesn’t leave it the way you want it, you might still say “thank you” and send them on their way.

Let’s face it… it’s hard to confront a friend and possibly to lose friendships over jobs. Having a business-only relationship with a landscaper can help to ease your mind about hurting their feelings when telling them exactly what you want. And they’re working for you, so don’t worry! They should want to make it just right-for you.


You may want to find someone who will work as fast and as well as possible. This can be difficult, considering how most landscapers charge an hourly rate, and might not want to only be paid for an hour or two of work. To combat this, look for contracts and timelines that can be mutual, to reach a solid agreement for both parties.

As you have read, there are many options when it comes to finding and choosing a solid landscaper to put your dreams into action. Interested in the process if you were to choose a Landscape Management Group? The thoroughness may surprise you…

How do you negotiate with a landscaper?

Finding a landscape group who will make you pay the least amount of money for the best value of work is tough. A good place to start would be to find a landscaper who gives on-site estimates–this will give you a chance to meet them, talk with them, and ask them for an honest answer about how much the job will cost. Although, in person can be a hassle, especially for a busy schedule. Ask if they have virtual landscape design as well. Then, cross-check that estimate online with other jobs, and see how reliable it is.

How to Get Started With Landscape Management Group

Step 1: Introductions

We have a short intro conversation over the phone to understand the bullet points of what you are looking to accomplish with your landscape. We end by scheduling a consultation with one of our landscape design professionals who will guide and answer your questions.

Step 2: Consultations

During the consultation, we refine the vision  while keeping options and your budget in mind. We will provide more examples of similar projects and images to most everything we discuss. By the end of the consultation, you will not only have a vision but also have a very good idea of what your project budget should be; and most often, we will take the next steps to schedule a 3D Design modellandscaping preview with one of our Landscape Designers.

Step 3: Proposal

Your rep and your dedicated Landscape Designer present your Landscaping design with every detail. These meetings are always incredible and always leave you feeling impressed that we go the extra mile. No need to waste time going back and forth with design revisions. In fact, these designs are all online via video conferencing and we make all the revisions you need right in front of you from the comfort of your own home. Our goal is to not only show you a great perspective of your upcoming project but make any revisions necessary until we get it right! By the end of this design preview we are ready to present an official proposal for landscaping. We can usually provide this proposal on the same day!

Step 4: We Get Started

You accept and we get you on the schedule (very simply & efficiently!). This is where your rep brings on your dedicated project manager. Don’t worry, your sales rep (who you love working with by now) will stay linked up to the project every step of the way to ensure no details are forgotten during the landscape process.

Your project is set up on a timeline (that we give you access to view!) including the design, detailed project explanation video, delivery dates and start dates for every part of your project! Pretty cool right?

From The Original Consultation All The Way To The Finished Project, We Truly Don’t Miss A Beat!

That is why we are the best. You better believe our competitors are trying to catch up on how we do things. We are very proud to be an industry leader!

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