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What is the Best Edging to use for Landscaping?

The best edging for your landscape will depend on various factors, like the specific design goals of the landscape, type of soil and plants being used–as well as your budget. Here are some of the most popular materials for yard edging ideas:

  • Brick or Stone: these materials provide a classic elegant look, and they will last longer. Cost is the biggest thing to worry about here.
  • Concrete: Concrete edging is a cost-effective option that can be molded and shaped depending on yard edging ideas and needs. Beware though, it can crumble over time.
  • Wood: Wood edging is a natural and rustic option that can be used to create a natural look, however it can decay and rot very quickly
  • Plastic or Rubber: These materials are the quick and cheap go-to’s. They won’t last terribly long, and look less appealing–but they do exist!

In summary, stone is the best, and all other options can be used depending on the budget situation after that. Let’s answer a few other questions, though.


Edging And Landscaping, Corner Of House landscape edging ideas
Edging Connection Between Deck And Yard Tristrip landscape edging ideas
Edging Paths Crossing With Charcoal Border landscape edging ideas
Commercial Edging On Stone landscape edging ideas

What is the Easiest Landscape Edging to Install?

The easiest edging to install will always depend on the skill level of the group you decide to work with, but here is the general order:

  1. Plastic and Rubber
  2. Followed by Concrete
  3. Then Wood and Stone

What do Professional Landscapers use for Edging?

Professionals are going to use materials that last the test of time, and provide a good showmanship of their work for years to come.

You can always expect to see the cheaper yard edging ideas used in projects–just understand a true professional was likely not behind that project.

Our favorite edging to use is Natural Stone Edging due to its simple, cost effective, and timeless look. Unlike other edgings, Natural Stone will provide an elegant look, ensure that borders do not fall apart, and keeps grass and mulch separated. It doesn’t crack or heave with the moving ground during freeze-thaw cycles, the colors don’t fade like a man-made manufactured product, and it truly stands the test of time.

Concrete Edging is another possible option. It won’t look as good, and can crack and break with time but may be a cheaper option when there is a large amount of landscape edging to install.

Steel or Aluminum Edging is a popular option because of its sleek low profile look and lower price point. The negative to steel edging is that although it is galvanized powder coated steel edging, it does rust over time as it weathers with age where aluminum edging will not. However both of these edgings will likely heave out of the ground over the years due to the freezing and thawing of ground temperatures. This really isn’t a huge problem if you don’t mind taking a rubber mallet to the edging spikes every couple of years. They certainly get pushed up out of the ground over time. If you have a large personal property or host venues on a farm-like area, this may be one to request from the landscape group you are working with based on cost alone.

In the end, your landscape team should provide you with one of these good options, depending on what suits you best. However, if they start to lean towards cheap options–do yourself a favor and run the other way ;)

Glossy Path Stones Into Yard landscape edging ideas

What is the Longest Lasting Landscape Edging?

If you are truly serious about your landscape edging ideas, for lawn borders or otherwise, you should go for something that will last a longgg timeee.

Some options will depend on soil conditions and maintenance. However, you should have something that will last the test of time no matter what happens, and still be there when spring comes around every year.

Without repeating what we said too much, the same materials that professionals use are the longest lasting, for exactly that reason.

You can’t go wrong with stone, concrete, or metal.

Well, that’s a bit of reading to get to a simple conclusion… Ready to get started

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