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What Does Mulching a Lawn Mean?

Mill Street Mulch what is mulching

Mowing your lawn is a great way to maintain a neat, manicured outdoor space. However, mulching is an even better way to keep your lawn looking its best. The definition of mulch literally means “soil cover.”

What is mulching?

Mulching is spreading a layer of organic material on top of the soil of a lawn or garden area. The organic material can be made up of various things such as grass clippings, leaving, wood chippings or straw. When talking about mulching, most minds go to wood chippings that are used for plant beds, around our homes or lining of tree beds. This is true, although there is lawn mulching as well.

Lawn mulching means using grass clippings to cover a lawn which can bring nutrients back to your lawn to help it grow thick, full and green. Special blades and mowers are used to cut grass into extremely small clippings that are later put down on a lawn bed and decomposed to grow a beautiful lawn.

What Does Mulching Do?

Mulching can help reduce water usage, encourage healthy root growth and reduce the need for fertilizer. Soil can dry up extremely quickly during the summer months or when it is hot outside. Using mulch helps the soil retain water, mulch acts as a barrier to the sun which keeps soil temperatures low and reduces moisture evaporation.

Mulch also is a great source of nutrients or composite pile. When mulch breaks down it can increase the organic matter of the soil.

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What are the Advantages of Mulching

When it comes to mulching there are many advantages. Here are our top 5:

  1. Weed Control: Mulching can help control and prevent pesky weeds. Since mulch acts as a barrier, there is limited sunlight that reaches the soil and won’t find a way to weeds. Eliminating time spent on pulling and taking care of weeds.
  2. Temperature Control: Mulch not only acts as a barrier but an insulator as well. During the summer months, mulch can keep soil temperatures low, along with keeping moisture locked in. During the winter months, mulch can help to keep the soil and plants warm.
  3. Moisture Retention: Mulching can help conserve moisture in the soil by reducing evaporation, which is important, especially in hot or dry climates.
  4. Nutrients: As stated before, lawn mulch is a great way to provide nutrients within your lawn. These are all-natural and will help to keep your yard looking its best.
  5. Great Appeal: With every great landscaping project, there is a great look to come! Adding normal mulch or lawn mulch to your yard and landscape will bring a fresh and bright appeal to your home. Having green, full grass will have your neighbors wondering what you did.
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Mulching vs. Mowing

You may be asking yourself… well I have a mower, why can’t I just mow and my grass come back better? Mowing and Mulching are similar, yet so different. They both use blades and mowers to cut down grass but there are some major differences.


Mowing is cutting strands of grass to keep it at the right height for your yard. It also keeps yards looking consistent in color and length. Keeping your lawn short can help to prevent pests as well. Mowing leaves the tall strands of grass clumped up in your yard which either leads to having to rake it up for neatness, or dealing with loose leaf grass all over your yard, whereas mulching does not.


Mulching also cuts strands of grass, but grass is cut into extremely small clippings. Instead of these clippings being visible to the eye and clumped up in your yard, they decompose into the ground and then are used to grow the grass back more full, green and healthy. Although the clipping does not “vanish” , it does not need to be racked or bagged. Mulching over mowing can also reduce the amount of time spent mowing a lawn, because there is no extra work involved.

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