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How Much is a Backyard Water Structure?

Are you tired of a boring backyard? Let’s make a splash with some water features that will leave your neighbors waterlogged with curiosity! If you’re looking to transform your yard consider adding a backyard water feature. Not only are they great for visual appeal, but they also can create a calming atmosphere. From simple fountains to extravagant waterfalls, there are plenty of options to choose from. However, before diving in, it is important to look at and consider the cost.

Four Tier Water Feautre outdoor water structures
Simple Water Feature outdoor water structures

Simple Fountains

Fountains are a classic water feature that can be used simple or elaborate. They’re really great for any budget, as they usually run anywhere from $50 to $500, but can get very expensive for a real fountain–not just a plug in. There are different styles of fountains including tabletop, free-standing and wall mounted. Fountains are easy to install and to maintain, but again can come off fake and cheap if they are just plugged in and turned on.


Ponds are a beautiful addition to your landscape, although they can be pricey. The cost of a pond varies on the size, depth, materials used, and whether you choose to add fish or plants. This ornamental pond is a popular choice to add some world culture and flair.


Waterfalls are a great way to add a dramatic element to your backyard water feature. Waterfalls can be made by man or using natural materials. The cost depends on the size and complexity of the design. Waterfalls can fall in a price range of a few hundred dollars to thousands. By the way, what do you get when you cross a water feature with a garden rock? A waterfall that rocks haha!

So, What is the Best Material for an Outdoor Water Feature?

How do you know what materials to use to build your backyard water feature? When it comes to water features, the materials used to build are essential. Structures need to be able to withstand exposure to elements and constant contact with water.

Some of the best materials for backyard water features include: concrete, stone and stainless steel. When choosing materials it’s important to consider durability, maintenance and aesthetic appeal.


Concrete block is a popular choice when it comes to backyard water features because it’s durable and can be shaped into almost any form. Concrete is also resistant to weathering and erosion because it is a long lasting option. When using concrete it can be colored, stamped or textured to match any style wanted.


Natural stone is a beautiful and natural option for outdoor water features. Natural stone is also resistant to water damage and provides a unique look. It can be used to create fountains, waterfalls and surround pool borders.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is extremely durable and corrosion resistant material that is perfect for outdoor water features. Stainless steel is easy to maintain and clean, making it another popular choice for modern water features.

How Do You Install a Backyard Water Feature?

Adding a backyard water feature can be a rewarding project that adds beauty and relaxation to your outdoor space. It’s easier to hire a professional installer, but if you’d like to learn how do it on your own, here the steps they take:


The first step to getting your backyard water feature installed, is to choose what style, size and where you want to install your backyard water feature.


In order to install your feature, the professional will make sure that your area is prepped. This step includes clearing any debris or obstacles that may be in the way and marking the space with spray paint or string. Ensure the ground is level and adequately based. If installing an in-ground water feature, it is important to excavate to the proper depth and line the area with a non-permeable rubber liner.


With the design plan made and preparation done, a professional will move and construct the water feature in the designated area, making sure it is level and secure. They will also connect any necessary plumbing and electrical components according to the manufacturer’s instructions.


Fill the feature with water and give it a test to ensure it is functioning correctly. Adjust the water flow and level as needed. Add any decorations or landscaping around the area such as river rocks, plants or lighting. Last but not least, don’t forget to consider adding fish.

When using a professional, they will follow these steps and more such as assessing there is proper drainage, slope and soil, digging the correct size hole, installing pumps, liners and filters, creating a landscape around the water feature and being sure to do proper maintenance such adding chemicals, winterizing and cleaning the filter.

Does a Water Feature Increase my Home Value?

While it is commonly believed that backyard water features may add value to your home, the reality is that this may not always be the case. While water features may add beauty and relaxation to your backyard, they may not necessarily add value to your home. The decision to add a backyard water feature to your home should be based on personal preference and enjoyment, rather than to add significant value to your property.

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