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How much does snow removal cost in Ohio?

All times of the year come with different seasons. Rain, shine, mud, and snow. As much as anyone in the midwest may wish for a tropical climate, wishful thinking unfortunately won’t make Mother Nature budge. During the winter, ice and snow can create a huge overnight problem-clogging roads, driveways, and businesses alike. When it comes to removing snow and keeping roads and travel areas safe, how do you make your own commercial snow removal pricing calculator and budget for the cost. When taking this price into account, there are many different variables to consider like plowing or removal, salting before snow, contracts or one time, snow removal cost and even heated preventative measures.

Snow falling with trees over river


Snow Removal vs. Snow Plowing

The first thing to calculate is if you need snow removal or plowing. Plowing is simply moving the snow from one area to another. This is the most common and cheapest way to get snow from one place or another, but that often means that there must be supplemental space to launch the snow away and onto. The closer your business is to cramped city streets and lots, the less and less plowing becomes an option.

So, when deciding between plowing or removal you first need to consider your area and surrounding businesses. Even if your business is in a remote city or town, neighboring businesses may be upset if excess snow lands on their property-and for good reason! Excess snow can result in enormous piles of sludge that gets mixed up with chemicals and dirt.. Have you ever seen a supermarket parking lot with enormous piles of snow that just keep getting bigger and bigger as the winter wears on? These fifteen foot-or higher-piles of snow can stay around until finally melting for a long time. Depending on how big the parking lot is and area of snowfall around town, the black snow may not completely disappear till mid-spring-a huge problem if all your parking spots are used during the warmer months and colder months alike.

Also, if your business doesn’t have dozens or hundreds of extra parking lot spaces to spare, plowing may get the snow on grass or plants. Then, when that builds up-plants and grass deep under may die or struggle when spring finally comes around. So, like in basketball and many other sports, spacing is key when estimating whether you will need removal (all the snow taken away) or just plowing it to the side.

What Is The Best Snow Removal Equipment?

Another important factor (which will likely depend on whether you pick plowing or removal) is the equipment needed to remove or plow snow. The difference between shoveling snow to the side like we talked about above, and removing it off property requires a heavy-duty equipment gap.

For snow plowing, most medium to heavy duty pickup trucks can be equipped with a Straight edge or V-edge blade to remove snow. The trucks must be able to hold the certain weight of the plow for the load on the front axle. Other than that, all the normal trucks and many vehicles used during the warmer seasons of the year can be equipped and ready to roll and bring your average hourly rate for plowing snow down. Snow removal on the other hand, is a different game. Some of this will come down to how much snow falls on a certain lot/walkway, but keeping removal options available is important.

Likely equipment needed like snow blowers, loaders and de-icers (which we will talk about in the next section) will be used. Snow blowers are different than they sound. If you are thinking of a snow blower as a small pushable machine for your driveway, you would be mistaken. The proper term for most residential snow removal machines is a snow thrower. Snow throwers remove a foot or two of snow length from a driveway and throw it a few feet as well. If you want snow gone fast, count this machine in your commercial snow removal pricing calculator

Three plows throwing snow over huge piles

Snow blowers can range from large push machines to enormous vehicles like the one above. They can often blow the snow up to 50 feet away, clearing feet of snow, and stacking it dozens of feet high in extreme cases. Obviously in places like Columbus Ohio, this would mean a city emergency. For other places around the world, it may be commonplace!

How Do I Prevent Snow Build-Up?

Preventing snow before it hits the ground with salt and other materials can reduce snow removal rates per square foot. The best way to combat something is to address it before a pressing problem becomes urgent. Most people have seen roads pre-salted before snow, and you may have even witnessed snow melting wires and mats. Salting is an effective way to prevent snow and especially ice buildup without actual machines or vehicles, especially for walkways and small areas. Some salts and melters can be destructive to pavement or pets though. What options are available?

Twenty years ago, salt was very basic when it came to variety. Now, most salting bags or bins will explain the included benefits. If you are worried about pets stepping on the salt, simply look for bags with animals on the front, and you should quickly find what you are looking for. If the bag is unclear and you are having trouble, look to avoid sodium chloride. That is the usual culprit ingredient that will harm children and pets.

You may take it a step further, on the front of the bag the description should explain whether the salt or melt will tear up your pavement (by letting in the excess moisture to cracks, which expands after freezing and melting again). Commercial snow removal pricing is worth paying extra for-even if you have to get the good stuff. Another material that can be used alongside (or before) salt is a concrete-sealer. Although this will likely be too late to apply and won’t be necessary for your commercial snow removal pricing calculator when the snow is falling and the blizzards roll in, preparation during warmer months can drastically help the salt that is spread melt snow-not wreck your roads and sidewalks like this:

Potholes in Street

How Do I Budget For Snow Removal?

Urgency, and how fast a snow-help is needed. When a large snowstorm hits, plows and personnel are often working around the clock to keep roads and lots clear. So, if you didn’t plan your snow removal calendar beforehand, you may be in a bit of a pickle with your snow removal service cost.

Plows and trucks have a list of places they need to get to and service, and there is only so much time in a day. Like most things in life, prior relationships can come in handy when asking for some unexpected help. If you are not sure if you will need much plowing or clearing (and there is another business or professional center that wants help) be sure to meet a few respectable landscape professionals who you can call on in a pinch. You may not be first-but you probably won’t be the last guys served either.

Another factor that will come into play is your location. Are you right down the street from where your ideal snow clearing service is? Great! Are you an hour away from the people you want? Not so great. In this situation, you may not always have a ton of options. If you are near a big city or town, you may have to do some research on other companies available to clear snow (and prevent ice). The farther away a plow has to travel, the more likely you will be upset because it came way too late and snow removal service cost goes way up.

All that said, most businesses can count on a seasonal amount of snow for their pricing. Working with a provider ahead of time and signing a contract or agreement can solve a lot of issues with cost-and insure you are top of mind.

New Snow Removal Technology

Heated measures-new technology for small high traffic areas. As technology improves, new ways of combating the ice and snow that comes with the winter months always get better . Something new that you may not be familiar with are heat mats. If you have ever watched a home game of the NFL Packer football team at Lambeau Field during the winter, you may have noticed the snow starts to melt after initially building up. This is because a system of heated pipes are buried 6 to 12 inches below the field. Although the Packers were the first to install a heated field, many other winter-season teams have followed suit-like the Patriots, Browns, and Bengals.

For residential homes, mats or hydronic systems can be used. Mats may work faster in the short term, and are a quick fix. Even though the mats are quick though, doesn’t mean they won’t be durable. High quality heat mats are made to be left outside all winter, and may even come with a guarantee. For permanent, out of sight, and remote access-driveway and sidewalk hydronic or radiant heating systems will take care of the snow. These systems must be placed underground (similar to the NFL fields) and may require a decent project undertaking. However, if you are looking to avoid shoveling your driveway for years to come, along with the injury and backache that comes along with it, you may want to consider investing in a heated driveway or sidewalk.

All things considered, technology will always improve the fight against harsh weather. Effectively, heated mats or pavement may not be in reach-especially for a commercial business lot. However, plowing snow with a horse and carriage 200 years ago would be much worse.

Can LMG Help You?

Interested if the Landscape Management Group can help you during the winter season? There are simple steps and easy contracts, so you can make sure you are covered-long before the first snowflake hits the ground.

single plow and snow

First, we find out how big of an area you need covered to plow or remove snow and ice from. I.E., size of parking lot, walkways, sideroads and other traveled spots. Then, we can start to calculate the labor needed for the job as well as the materials and machinery necessary. Averaging the snowfall of the last 3 years, we can determine how many visits your property will likely need (saltings and plowing/clearing). Landscape Management Group signs two-year contracts, which means any unused visits can roll over into next year, saving you money and time!

From the original consultation all the way to complete season service-we truly don’t miss a beat!

That is why we are the best. You better believe our competitors are trying to catch up on how we do things. We are very proud to be an industry leader!

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