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What is Geofencing Technology?

Geofencing is commonly used in marketing. This technology uses GPS to tell when a vehicle is in a certain place, and makes an artificial area (think, force field) around a real-life place or property. For example, a Home Depot, Lowe’s, or Menards store. (Or an entire city).


This can allow the owner of the location (in this case, a hardware store) to trigger responses in devices inside the GEO location–like the store and parking lot. So, say you park in a Home Depot and immediately get a buy-3-get-1-free rubber duck drain stopper offer in your Home Depot app (we know, a little outrageous who even has 4 bathtubs…). But, that could be the result of Geofencing (and why the app was requesting access for your location in the first place).

However, Geofencing has plenty of other applications—including snow removal.

Snow Removal With Geofencing: Four Ways Geofencing Can Help Snow Removal:

1. Dispatching And Responding

With Geofencing, tabs can be kept on a commercial property

The Geofencing technology offers our clients the ability to know when our crews are on site and when they leave.

to better officiate snow triggers. Crews and plows can be sent to certain locations generated by real-time snow and storm conditions. While snow is nearing removal point, the trucks can already be on the way.

This allows quick responsiveness, and flexibility depending on weather patterns. Many commercial snow removal operations service many different regions–and that holds true for LMG too. The weather in Columbus, OH may differ from Cincinnati for example. In all the cities between, like Dayton, Geofencing can allow snow removal crews to know when and where snow will hit–and give a technology alarm to reel plow crews in.

2. Establishing Priority Service

As any business owner knows, there are some parts of a property that need quicker service than others during a snowfall, or snowstorm. For example, the closest parking area to the main entrance, delivery docks, or walkways.

With Geofencing, all customers, employees, and suppliers can be tracked (in a not creepy way) using apps or softwares. This is crucial, especially in the case of a large commercial property where snow is falling during business hours. The snow removal team in charge of clearing can know exactly where to go first, and last.

3. Monitoring Service Safety

While plows and trucks are removing Mother Nature’s frozen custard from a commercial property, business owners may become stressed about the progress or proper adjustments needed to serve their best interests, and their customers.

What if a plow or truck is going too fast in a parking lot? What if another property or area needs serviced first on a certain day, and this fact was not properly communicated? What if a snow trigger is inappropriately set off, and trucks arrive–without the business owner knowing?

With Geofencing, this communication will start to happen much quicker–and it will keep you in the loop. It’s like having a Find My iPhone feature for that rebellious teenager–except this time, it’s just business.

4. Increasing Efficiency

Geofencing allows us to receive arrival times based on GPS coordinates so we can ensure that our crew enters and exits your commercial property according to your instructions, and even the speeds they were traveling while on site, to ensure safety of service-like we mentioned before.

This means things become much more efficient, saving time and money. Within a few seasons, a perfected game plan is mapped on how to service customers. This can all be edited and smoothed out as time goes on.

Another outstanding difference between us and many of our competitors is that all of our snow services that are completed by our snow operators are checked off in an application. Then, these services are logged as an optional email sent, so you can match your snow invoice with your service emails for reconciliation–easy as pie.

How Accurate Is This Technology?

So its cool and all, but how accurate is Geofencing really?

Well, as with all things, only time will truly tell. However, you can rest assured that things will only get better from here.

In conclusion, Geofencing is helping Landscape Management Group better provide experiences for our customers by increasing communication, tracking safety and allowing a fail safe system for reconciling services with ease.

Landscape Management Group seeks to provide a better experience for all business interactions, and although many things listed in this article are not fully operational and seamless, you can expect it in the near future!

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